Odyssey Performance Trainer | Racehorse Cardio Machine

The Odyssey Performance Trainer, sometimes referred to as a eurociser, is a free range-of-motion exercise machine specially designed for thoroughbred racehorses.  It has many advantages to its predecessor, often referred to as a walker, or hot-walking machine.

The traditional hot-walking machine typically only offers one speed, and one direction of travel, furthermore; the horse(s) must be physically tied to the machine, thus restricting their range of motion and increasing the potential for injury.

The Odyssey Performance trainer has an intuitive control board that allows the operator to track cycle times, additionally the operator can adjust the speed and direction of the machine offering a more dynamic workout experience for your horses.

Our eurociser is a 12 position machine that is built under-roof, this provides protection from the elements and allows for an all year-round training schedule.  Additionally, our machine has a crushed rubber base to create a lower-impact workout.  The rubber substrate is graded daily to ensure a safe, and consistent experience for your racehorses.