Thoroughbred Boarding, Training & Rehabilitation

Racing Recovery offers a modern thoroughbred horse racing, training and rehabilitation facility in beautiful Grantville Pennsylvania.  Just minutes from Pennational Race Course, our horse farm is situated perfectly for those trying to get a leg-up in the exciting sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

Whether you are a professional thoroughbred trainer, or a beginner looking to break into the business, we can provide guidance or professional training services.  You may choose to board your horses at our farm, or you may ship them to our farm for training sessions.

Our training facility includes multiple turn out pastures with run-in sheds.  The pastures are ideal for happy, healthy horses.    We have a new 30 stall barn that includes multiple wash bays and tack storage areas. On premises, there is also a large outdoor riding arena.  The sand substrate is graded regularly.  The arena is a great training feature that is perfect for breaking horses, training sessions, riding lessons or other equine events.

There is a Odyssey Performance Trainer on premises that is enclosed and under-roof for year round training.  This is a 12 horse eurociser that allows for a complete, free range-of-motion training session.  The machine is graded daily on a crushed rubber substrate that allows for a great, low-impact-workout for your thoroughbred athletes.  The machine offers an easy to use, multi-speed control board that includes a timer as well as forward and reverse exercise cycles.  The eurociser has become an invaluable tool for thoroughbred trainers, and it has virtually put an end to the near obsolete hot-walking experience.  With the Odyssey Performance Trainer, you can cool your horses out while also attending to the stable.  This machine is a real time-saver, and it is included with monthly stall rent.

Do you have horses that are in need of rest or layoff?  Do your horses need some down time, a little TLC?  We are now seeking rehabilitation clients.  Our training center in Grantville, PA is equipped with a new AquaPacer, a machine specially designed for thoroughbred racehorses.  It is a heavy duty treadmill for horses that operates underwater.   The AquaPacer is great for providing low-impact endurance training.  This machine is perfect for keeping horses fit, while bringing them back to peak performance.  The water feature helps to build muscle mass and improve stamina, a real win for your thoroughbred athletes.  We have an attendant on premises most days to help you use this machine, please call us today for rates and information.

Thoroughbred Boarding | Training Center in Grantville

Racing Recovery in Grantville, PA is now accepting new horse boarding and rehabilitation clients.  The Rogers’ farm, just minutes from Pennational Race Course in beautiful Grantville Pennsylvania, Lebanon County has many modern amenities that are sure to please horse people.

Our farm is equipped with a 12 horse eurociser, an invaluable tool for creating dynamic multi-speed, multi-direction exercise routines.  The machine offers your horses a full range of motion, low impact experience, and is ideal for cooling out, hot-walking your horses when they come off of the race track.  The eurociser machine is enclosed with a rubber base, perfect for a year round conditioning and endurance schedule, no matter the weather.

We also have on premises, a AquaPacer, underwater treadmill designed specifically for rehabilitating thoroughbred racehorses.  The machine is a great addition to any thoroughbred training regime.  The water feature helps to provide a low impact, stress free endurance and muscle building routine that is great for rehabilitating and improving overall conditioning.  We have staff available most days to assist trainers in using the machine, and teaching their horses how to use it too.  It’s a known fact that sound, healthy horses perform better.  Give our AquaPacer a try today.

The Roger’s Farm offers multiple, green pasture turn-outs that all have run-in sheds.  These pastures are perfect for rehabilitating thoroughbreds, while allowing them to graze regularly and stretch their legs.

We have stalls available for rent, at multiple locations just down the road from Pennational, an easy commute to Philadelphia Park.  We also routinely ship horses to Erie, PA during their annual summer racing schedule.

There is also an outdoor sand riding arena at the farm that is enjoyed by all of our boarding clients.  It offers a perfect location for breaking horses, riding lessons, and other equestrian events.  Please contact us today for more information.

Odyssey Performance Trainer | Racehorse Cardio Machine

The Odyssey Performance Trainer, sometimes referred to as a eurociser, is a free range-of-motion exercise machine specially designed for thoroughbred racehorses.  It has many advantages to its predecessor, often referred to as a walker, or hot-walking machine.

The traditional hot-walking machine typically only offers one speed, and one direction of travel, furthermore; the horse(s) must be physically tied to the machine, thus restricting their range of motion and increasing the potential for injury.

The Odyssey Performance trainer has an intuitive control board that allows the operator to track cycle times, additionally the operator can adjust the speed and direction of the machine offering a more dynamic workout experience for your horses.

Our eurociser is a 12 position machine that is built under-roof, this provides protection from the elements and allows for an all year-round training schedule.  Additionally, our machine has a crushed rubber base to create a lower-impact workout.  The rubber substrate is graded daily to ensure a safe, and consistent experience for your racehorses.

AquaPacer Equine Treadmill

Our AquaPacer is a heavy, underwater treadmill designed to rehabilitate and train thoroughbred racehorses.  The water feature provides a low impact workout that aids in building muscle mass, improving endurance,  and improving your horses overall cardiovascular health.

Our staff is on premises most days to help acclimate your horse to the treadmill, and to assist you in it’s use and features.  Please contact us today for rates and information.